"To be great we need to win games we aren't supposed to win...

-Julius Erving

Chess Game of Life now OpFaith and allow a LifesReDesign to take place from Within

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  • How many of you have someone in your family that is or has been in jail?
  • How many of you have someone in your family that has a felony?
  • How many served the sentence along with your family member, although you were not physically locked up?
  • How many of you are being or no someone that has been abused?
  • How many of you know someone homeless?
  • How many have family members that have given up hope for a "normal" life?

I ask these questions each time I've been allowed to enter a prison compound or shelter. Looking into the eyes of Men/Women, Young/Old Veterans and those Disabled. How do you think it felt when looking into a little boys face that's facing 10+ yrs


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Find Your Play

Games have been a part of human culture for thousands of years, dating back at least to ancient civilzations in India and the middle east. People haved used games for political and practical reasons, as well as just for entertainment's sake, and the tradition lives on today.

So come, find that place in your heart where the world is a matter of play, and your greatest worry is losing your queen/king (if you can will challenge yourself on change).

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Providing the Community with a Housing, Transportation Re-Development & Empowered Program

Designed for Inmates Ex-offenders Re-entry Veteran's and Non-Vets, Homeless, Abuse Victims and Their Families LifesReDesign for those that may have lost hope.

 ~ Matthew 25:31-46... for when I was hungry, 
I was thirsty, I was a stranger, Naked, I was sick,
I was in prison, and you came to me....Then shall
HE answer them, saying,
Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have
done it unto one of the least of these
my brothern, ye have done it unto me.
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Eventbrite - OpFaith Presents "Fallen Soldiers ARISE"

Harvest Ministries Crusades and Mars Hill Prison Band of Jacksonville, Fl.,  along with  ~ OpFaith, we travel together to Minister through Music and The Word of God ~ into 10 Prisons in North Florida

OpFaith's vision is to give these residents an alternative once released. An alternative to eliminate the vicious cycle of the revolving door of the prison gates.

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OpFaith, our mission is to provide an environment to provoke change and growth. No More Business Re-Entry As Usual !!!!

~Transportation to both Parole and Probation Officers

~Transportation to Job Interviews, Medical, Employment and Compound Family visitation

~On site Life Coaches,  Ministry Services and Counseling

~On site/Online GED, Live and Online College Degree Programs

~Multi-purpose Center                  (Recreation Room, Library, Basketball Goals, Computer   Lab)

~Family Visitation Areas (Picnic and closed areas) Assistance to families i.e., clothing, supplies,  food

~Job and Career Training, Cooking, Landscaping, Auto Paint and Repair etc…

~Business (Money Management) etc………..

~Community Service hours 120 yearly required

~Intro review 90dys to 6mths prior to release

~Live-in Mentors, Much, Much more!!!


In addition to providing housing, our in house and mobile Pantry will serve the community but also various low income apartment complexes. This pantry will consist of not just food but clothing, school supplies, household items as well. As a result of this 1st location being launched our goal is to network with other ministries and organizations locally and Nationwide to duplicate, this same and greater facilities. As a result crime rate reduces, jobs are created, families are reunited and the community grows. (Nathalie Chase Thompson, CEO)

(Abuse and Prisons Do Not Discriminate against Age, Nationality, Religion, Economic Class, Gender or Education)


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Operation Faith Transition Transportation and Re-Development

~ Division of LifesReDesign Ministry Intl, Inc.

A Non-Profit Charitable Organization